Friday, 8 July 2011


Sorry for the poor image here - a very crumpled piece of ongoing embroidery. It is slow going as I tend to do a bit and then leave it and then go back to it eventually. I'm not very sure how I feel about this piece. I feel the space at the top of the image would be a chance to embroider something different, so I am thinking on that at the moment. I am also still unsure of what sort of object this will turn out to be. So the the overriding theme on this is "unsure", however I would really like to come to some sort of conclusion on this as there is a lot of work already in it.


Carolina said...

Hye it's all looking great! Your work keeps evolving so positively, I love the hair drawings and the different textures you0re creating. Well done!

Aine Scannell said...

Sarah sorry to not see any more new work .....mind you I have not exactly been saintly at keeping up with my own blog. Perhaps you have been working away at your art making behind the scenes.

best wishes


Sarah Clark said...

Hi Aine - time is getting in the way! or do I mean work? I have had a crazy few months with a big move and a new job! but I hope I am getting to a place where I can return to updating this blog and start doing more work. Thanks for the comment :)

Aine Scannell said...

I just sent an update to the people involved in my Impact proposal
the email address you gave me below bounced back.

Please will you contact me at

and let me have your email address

hope you are OK


Aine Scannell said...


reply to this email. I need to have your updated email address. I am unable to have contact with you. The impact proposal for our project has been accepted and I will soon need to hear back from people concerning their assurance and full commitment (or not) to this project. Hope all goes well with you

You really should update this blog which is really good thing but it needs to continue breathing. all the best