Monday, 6 December 2010

people patterns

Whilst snowed in today i had a play around with some drawings I had done. I'm thinking along the lines of patterns and cycles, and prefer the more simple ones really - the single layers. I think it may be possible to add to them, but with different imagery, perhaps more simplistic so as not to make it too complicated. I am thinking i would like to get better versions of these photocopied on to A1 cartridge paper using the college Repro Graphics department, and then maybe print other layers on top of them. Just an initial thought from today's activities. Or maybe collage could also work too.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Repeated Pattern Circle

I've been considering working my new drawings into a pattern to work with the printed drawings I had been working on. I just photocopied a drawing to repeat it and see how it would work. I think this could go somewhere, but whether to use the same image repeated or separate images, I'm not quite sure yet.

I think this image works well with the pattern layer behind it. Obviously I placed it on top quickly and didn't bother to work it into the circle properly.

And I think it would work well with both the patterned circles also.


This was just a trial in creating a repetitive pattern with some photocopies of a drawing. not sure if i'll take it any further though. i kept the drawing pretty simple with just slightly more detail in the wings.

Monday, 22 November 2010

figurative trials

the latest news that i failed to say anything about is that i got some funding for a new project. this is through forth valley councils and the scottish arts council. I'll write about that properly soon i think. these are a couple of drawing i did today in an effort to move to more figurative work. more info to come...

Friday, 5 November 2010

photocopy landscape

this is the same as the ones below but photocopied as one long image on and piece of A1 cartridge paper. I also kept the upper edge uneven.

photocopy landscape (separate)

i got round to experimenting with the photocopier, copying onto cartridge paper. just playing around with creating an idea of landscape and space. these are on separate A3 sheets.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

circle spirals

i cut up a couple of photocopies of a circle drawing and stuck them together to form a spiral, which i think could go somewhere. i think at the moment i plan to get quite a number printed out at some stage to add a real sense of weight. i will try it out with different papers too, and also with fabric perhaps, if i can manage. i seem to have a few ideas at the moment, which seemed good today, but not sure if i will feel the same in a few days. so i'll digest them for a bit and see if they still seem alright.

circle work

had a play with my circle drawings today, just cutting them up and photocopying. there are interesting details picked up in the negative copy. not sure if i will take this any further, but it might be possible to have an experiment with them through printing processes.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

third circular ink drawing

the third in a series of circular drawings in ink. i think i have had enough of that just for now so am looking to get these printed up in some sort of combination soon - hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so. ordered fabric today, but also want to have a play around on paper also. will try generally trying stuff out with them tomorrow, perhaps in some sort of continuous pattern using all three and cutting them up, shuffling them around etc. just some ideas.

more drawings and some playing around

i took a while doing this drawing, and then wasn't too happy. so i photocopied it and played with it, with the idea of creating images that suggest landscapes. i also thought about playing with layering with printing in mind and perhaps using both the positive and negative image in layers. just something to think about. the image with the black background also seems to have things about it that would work as an image on its own. i got the guy in reprographics to copy it onto cartridge paper for me, which turned out to be quite effective.

Friday, 8 October 2010

ink circle drawing

these were the drawings i did on wednesday. just ink on cartridge paper. the top one is on an A1 sheet so it goes across most of it's width (to give an idea of scale).

i then played around with a broken circle drawing across two sheets of roughly cut A4 cartridge paper. this doesn't further the project in anyway, but was worth trying out.