Thursday, 9 July 2009

not a great picture, but today we were able to put the catalogues together...completed. well, i still have more rubber bands to put around a few of them but they are together with all but one person making the deadline. the couple of people's work that was missing yesterday was put in today and we re-checked the rest and found a few errors that were then sorted out. through a majority vote, the price is set at 8 pounds - to be sold at the private view and the days following. i think it turned out to be a good design that met our needs as a quite disconnected group. and it wasn't too much extra work when we were all really busy and it cost very little to make. so in that respect, it has been a successful exercise. we gave one to the letterpress technician and have a few more to give out as well as receiving 3 each ourselves. the rest (which will be around 200) are for sale.

we finally got together to collate the catalogue yesterday. we had nearly everybody's work in, but as we didn't have it all, we couldn't put it all together. but we did manage to stamp our names on our pages, then put them in neat piles, and then go round and round the table picking up the pages and putting them together. we then had some discussions about little things that needed sorting. a much longer day than anticipated. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

today was our final deadline...all work handed in.
managed to get a quick snap of the other book arts exhibition room, though just from one angle. ying was still to add more to hers on the taller black tables.

stephanie's table, out of shot in the above photo.

this is the other piece of work i have in the exhibition. a stack of ink drawings on newsprint nailed in to the wall. it is hung quite high so that the viewer can also look at the underneath and see the rippling of the paper and lightly flick through if they want. this should compliment sarojini's piece in the other room - also out of newsprint and also stapled directly to the wall.

Monday, 6 July 2009

this is what the room i am exhibiting in looked like today. the support work is in with everything as assessment starts tomorrow, but we took out the bags and other stuff. this room is really quite monochrome apart from small areas of colour - welmoet's books, the insides of jane's books and tiny areas on mandy's work. the other room, which i will photograph tomorrow is much more colourful. i think the divide is interesting with some works in both tying the rooms together. as of today at half 5, there was still a lot that needed to be finished, so we'll see tomorrow if that has been done. assessment tomorrow so it will be out of our hands... until the exhibition

more work from the show...

welmoet's books (with one missing)
habitat of words


in the garden

other pieces in the show...

esther's flick book/animation

esther's piece again (the filing cabinet is purely there to house her support work and will be removed for the show)



carolina's memory maker

all set up and ready to go, though i must take photos of my last minute piece that was put in the other day, when another space needed filling. will do that tomorrow. am really happy with the slide projections, and the large piece also. it seems more together now that the room is better set up...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

I didn't take any photos of the space on friday afternoon. but it was slowly taking shape. lots of hoovering, which caused it to overheat and then nearly catch on fire. had to sprint outside with it. Esther set her work up yesterday. I managed to sort another slide projector out that will hopefully work better than mine was. I have tested it out for a while and it works fine. But i will have a final try with mine on monday with a new carousel that should have arrived by then. I will also take all supporting work in and that will be that...Monday (tomorrow) is the deadline.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

this is the space today. it still isn't looking anywhere near done and really hasn't progressed too much in the last few days. i made small changes by covering untidy edges and things. sadly it really doesn't photograph too well. I shall add more drawings to the area in front of the right hand door tomorrow. i will also try and sort out my slide projector situation. it keeps jamming and so this all needs sorting. i still have a few options for that. 

we cleared the space of the junk and have been busy installing etc still.i brought the hanging pieces out into the space some more. i am attempting to play with the density of the hanging with swarms and waves in mind. pieces will flow a little down into the space in front of the door. it then becomes thinner as it heads further in to the room and past the beam.