Thursday, 12 May 2011

Quick patterns

The results of a very quick play around on photoshop this afternoon. Just looking for ideas on what to do. I prefer the top image.

Fern Ideas.

Some ideas for the new design.

More circles of girls.

A drawing for a new design done today.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

more drawings...

A couple more drawings trying to figure out another piece. I took one more photo of another section but it did not turn out, so will get a photo tomorrow. I am aiming to put the heads next to each other with little overlap, not like the drawing below.

I like the fern pattern, but will include it in a different way. I like the connection with nature that this suggests and the simplicity too. More work to be done on it though. I also need to consider the idea of printing this as a repeated image, and the scale in which I would do this. If I stick to a one colour print, perhaps I can play around with design, scale and placing.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Embroidered Ladies.

I also printed this relatively simple design, with the idea of using embroidery over the top. I have started this but I am unsure of how to carry on with it at present. I am greatly enjoying the embroidery, and think I will pursue this further in more work. Each girl is slightly unfinished, which I also quite like. I am wary of creating an image that looks as if it's looking to be perfect, if that makes any sense. I have photocopied the piece to try and draw onto that and maybe work something out. I may well print some more, with the idea of doing some different work on top of those at a later date. There may be an opportunity to use some text also, but as that is something I am unfamiliar with, I am slightly anxious of doing it.

Repeatedly Grumpy

After a five hour printing session, this is what I had achieved. It took 18 prints and worked out pretty well I think.

Grumpy Girls

This is, once again, printed on calico. The think that when I blasted the screen after exposing it I didn't quite blast it enough on one section. I hid this by fully embroidering the inner section, which has the added bonus of giving a different texture (though this is more noticeable through touching it and less so when just looking). I really like the way the image as a whole is quite decorative and created a striking pattern. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it also somehow has quite a communist aesthetic? I also enjoy the grumpy faces a lot.

Calico Circle

The same print again, this time on a medium/fine calico. The neutral tone allows for a different colour for the thread outlining the trees. It clashes with the tone of the inner pattern, but I think it works. The rippling in the fabric that the quilting creates gives each girl a slightly different expression.

Quilted cotton.

At last I had some time today to take some pictures of what I have been working on for a while now. This piece is printed on cotton that I dyed a light grey. I then backed it with a piece of fleece and quilted it. The initial idea with this (and subsequent pieces) was to create an item that provided some form of comfort, perhaps a cushion cover even? I am trying to think of what to do, though, and how best such an item would be exhibited. For now I am leaving it as it is, and I am just going to try and get as much printed as possible while I have access to the college facilities.