Tuesday, 16 February 2010

i am still trying to find a way of balancing my time and finding moments to concentrate on work. the somethink collective is heading to two book fairs in the coming months - leeds and glasgow. a;; of us are having the same struggles but hopefully we can come together for some positive experiences even if collaborating with each other is proving tricky this time around. 
i have my migration project with my sister, which is still ongoing. but i have put that to the side for the moment in the aim of creating work to sell at the book fairs. i am also trying to work on some lighter hearted projects, with the possibility of playing with some text, in order to keep the creative juices flowing. so vicky and i are looking to collaborate on a smaller project for the book fairs. we are still in the planning stages but i will update and upload images as soon as i can. 
this is just an image of a drawing i did the other day. sometimes i just have a few minutes so i am trying to get into the habit of producing some work in these small moments. it's from a book of photos by werner kissling who took pictures of life in the western isles around 1930-1950.