Friday, 18 September 2009

at the moment i am waiting for october to get the next issue of The Blue Notebook. My paper is being published this issue, which is pretty exciting.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

with the move from london up to stirling it's been pretty hectic over the past months. i had not realised that my last post was about the catalogue and i hadn't posted since the show!
the show went well - a very very busy evening. the rest of the week was slower of course but still a good turn out. we had our selling table which did quite well. the catalogues didn't do so well. as suspected, 8 pounds was too much/too weird a price to ask for. we ended up giving them away for free, which we hadn't discussed but which took away the argument about value. once they were available for free, they were quite popular.
after taking down the show, we moved it over to donlon books for the Edit show roland was organising.
These photos are by my friend Tom James.