Wednesday, 29 October 2008

i bound the books simply in a card board cover. i'm relatively happy with the results. the card board gives a little more structure and allows for a different presentation. i think perhaps my first comment in the previous post is true, and that they are more successful when not bound. it needs some playing with maybe ...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

i wanted to try putting the numbers in a "standard" book form to see if this would be a way of containing them with documenting in mind - each sheet being a single books in an ordered series. the loose stack possibly may be more exciting than a bound version...?

these are the pages from which i cut out the numbers a few weeks ago (see further down blog).i wanted to work on them further so i thought i would photograph them first. the loose layers work well to draw the viewer in. i had originally just wanted to cut the numbers out,but the resulting delicate cut outs were intriguing (with this idea of non-information).i may come back to this set out, but want to experiment some more with these...

I took the wall drawing i had done and cut it from the wall and folded it. i would usually cut the "cut out" section first, but thought i would try cutting it from bottom of the piece upwards, slicing up the "cut out" as i go my opinion it's not so successful as the whole flow through the book is disrupted. the thin strips of paper hold their shape well though.

Monday, 13 October 2008

proposals (drafts) are in tomorrow.i was struggling a little to find an appropriate way of presenting my stuff. so i typed it up twice and sliced one up. those are the two copies i'm handing in. quite happy with it. we'll see what happens tomorrow...

Thursday, 9 October 2008


we had a two day workshop with helen douglas. we had to work through our project proposal and come up with something we could show the rest of the group. i was playing around with folds and display. and i did a cut our drawing to try and give an idea of what i was thinking of doing. wasn't feeling so happy with it all...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

numbers cutting sticking etc

I am trying to focus my project proposal as we have to hand in a draft on the 14th. so been trying to work on some stuff. been working with the idea of literally ironing out information (dates and times). just been cutting stuff up and re-arranging, still with the idea of landscapes. kind of making the information a physical object to play with. anyway, that is what i've been up to this week. images aren't the greatest! i'm liking the typewriter lines.