Friday, 26 November 2010

Repeated Pattern Circle

I've been considering working my new drawings into a pattern to work with the printed drawings I had been working on. I just photocopied a drawing to repeat it and see how it would work. I think this could go somewhere, but whether to use the same image repeated or separate images, I'm not quite sure yet.

I think this image works well with the pattern layer behind it. Obviously I placed it on top quickly and didn't bother to work it into the circle properly.

And I think it would work well with both the patterned circles also.


This was just a trial in creating a repetitive pattern with some photocopies of a drawing. not sure if i'll take it any further though. i kept the drawing pretty simple with just slightly more detail in the wings.

Monday, 22 November 2010

figurative trials

the latest news that i failed to say anything about is that i got some funding for a new project. this is through forth valley councils and the scottish arts council. I'll write about that properly soon i think. these are a couple of drawing i did today in an effort to move to more figurative work. more info to come...

Friday, 5 November 2010

photocopy landscape

this is the same as the ones below but photocopied as one long image on and piece of A1 cartridge paper. I also kept the upper edge uneven.

photocopy landscape (separate)

i got round to experimenting with the photocopier, copying onto cartridge paper. just playing around with creating an idea of landscape and space. these are on separate A3 sheets.