Sunday, 27 February 2011

hair drawings

i wanted to get some drawing done today to play with some ideas. i used an older print image for the starting point for this one. it doesn't really work but it do like the hair. i was just thinking about hair growth being a constant in our lives, and this is something i may take further. the triangular blocks were more to do with the idea of shelter and i had wanted to bring in shapes representing home but they became too obvious. so i went with the more abstract shapes and don't think they work, but they could work by them selves in a full circle i think, perhaps with other imagery in the centre? not sure yet though.

i was really pleased with this one though. and i like the way the character is almost feline too. this is something that could work using the ladies i drew before. a series of portraits. the ink works really well too to give the drawings a richness.

women drawings

some drawings i did at the start of the year i think. just initial drawings. not sure what i will do with them at the moment. my favourite is the bottom one. I was also playing around with the idea of teaming up the figurative drawings with looser abstract shapes/textures.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Janka Malkowska at GPS


Janka Malkowska at GPS

50 Years After

Janka Malkowska at GPS

The Rest

Janka Malkowska at GPS

Another by Janka Malkowska. I think he looks like a young Andy Warhol for some reason. This could have been a work in progress, the people at the studio are not quite sure, but the hand seems somewhat incomplete.

More from GPS

These prints were by Janka Malkowska, and were by far my favourite. I have a few photos of works by her which I will post next. The Old Barn print was quite large at around A1, and the boats were much smaller at about 30 x 30 cm.


Another woodblock print from GPS. This one is by Jayne Naylor. I love the different textures and also the lightness of the print.

Glasgow Print Studio Visit

This post is long overdue - things have been a bit here there and everywhere since before Christmas and I can now finally get back to things. I went to view some prints from the Glasgow Print Studio before Christmas, and it really was well worth the trip. My photos are really not the best though.
This is a huge wood block print by Peter Howson called The Lonely Hero, done in the 80's. I think it measures 2 x A0! so it was pretty hard to photograph, let alone print!