Wednesday, 30 March 2011

new drawing

and finally, a new drawing. i am thinking to team this with another previous drawing for printing, but that will take some more working out. i like how ernest she looks.

calico girls

finally have been doing some full prints from the trials i have been doing. this is on calico which i think i prefer to the cotton. but i have also printed on the cotton now - images to follow! next step is to start the stitching process.

some more landscapes

these haven't photographed so very well with the light bouncing off the shiny surface of the ink.

screen prints

some lazy posting means that and a late night means these next few posts are a bit hurried. so i will just post some images up, as i have been doing quite a bit of work in the last few weeks, i just haven't found the time to put anything up. this was also made a bit more difficult with mum and dad's ruby wedding anniversary, which meant some careful gift making was in order. so there haven't been quite enough hours in the day...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

quilted screen print

I also took some time to try quilting this print sample. My idea is for a quilted cushion cover perhaps, following themes of comfort and notions of home. I'm hoping to dye the fabric I print on, perhaps to a light warm-toned grey. I think quilting around the trees helps balance out the image and offers area of simple print with detailed stitching, and areas of detailed print with less stitching. I also chose (not that you can see in the images) a very pale green thread to do my quilting with.

screen print on cotton

I also finally got a three layer print done recently that I have been working on steadily for a while (with little urgency!). But it's finally something I can experiment with. I went for some brighter colours just as a random trial really on some small samples. The last image is pretty poor as it was taken with rare sunlight streaming in.

screen print...finally

I have been struggling to get a screen print done and was having problems with the screen getting blocked. But I finally got it sorted this week and got a couple of good prints done. So I will try and get some more done over the next couple of weeks. The larger image doesn't show the fine detail so well, but the close up is better for that.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

hair drawings with colour

I scanned in the drawings i did earlier in the week, and today got round to trying out the heat transfer papers - very fun and also they worked well. They give a really nice smooth even colour, which does not come out as strong as on fabric. This works in my favour I think.


I finally got round to putting a couple images on a screen. I have another image to sort tomorrow. The three will then fit together. These were just test prints on to paper, and there were some places that needed filling. I'm hoping it will print up well tomorrow, all going to plan.