Wednesday, 27 October 2010

circle spirals

i cut up a couple of photocopies of a circle drawing and stuck them together to form a spiral, which i think could go somewhere. i think at the moment i plan to get quite a number printed out at some stage to add a real sense of weight. i will try it out with different papers too, and also with fabric perhaps, if i can manage. i seem to have a few ideas at the moment, which seemed good today, but not sure if i will feel the same in a few days. so i'll digest them for a bit and see if they still seem alright.

circle work

had a play with my circle drawings today, just cutting them up and photocopying. there are interesting details picked up in the negative copy. not sure if i will take this any further, but it might be possible to have an experiment with them through printing processes.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

third circular ink drawing

the third in a series of circular drawings in ink. i think i have had enough of that just for now so am looking to get these printed up in some sort of combination soon - hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so. ordered fabric today, but also want to have a play around on paper also. will try generally trying stuff out with them tomorrow, perhaps in some sort of continuous pattern using all three and cutting them up, shuffling them around etc. just some ideas.

more drawings and some playing around

i took a while doing this drawing, and then wasn't too happy. so i photocopied it and played with it, with the idea of creating images that suggest landscapes. i also thought about playing with layering with printing in mind and perhaps using both the positive and negative image in layers. just something to think about. the image with the black background also seems to have things about it that would work as an image on its own. i got the guy in reprographics to copy it onto cartridge paper for me, which turned out to be quite effective.

Friday, 8 October 2010

ink circle drawing

these were the drawings i did on wednesday. just ink on cartridge paper. the top one is on an A1 sheet so it goes across most of it's width (to give an idea of scale).

i then played around with a broken circle drawing across two sheets of roughly cut A4 cartridge paper. this doesn't further the project in anyway, but was worth trying out.

Thursday, 7 October 2010


been doing more drawing this week.
the one below i worked on first when the paper was wet, then let it dry and worked over the top. the results weren't that interesting as you really couldn't see the double layer of drawing.

i then tried doing the marks in pencil and played around with tracing, reversing and mirroring parts of the image.

I also played with bringing patterns together, with also part of the drawing done when wet. this was done on sugar paper.

idea for new lino portrait

thinking to do another lino print at some point and found an interesting picture of an old scottish fisher man, which i thought could be interesting...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

ink and water drawing on cartridge paper

another drawing over areas of wet paper. this was done on a piece of A1 cartridge paper. the white paper is a good contrast to the black ink. the drawing covers the bottom right quarter of the paper with an area of space around it. again the shapes and tones seem to suggest a landscape, as well as the drawn marks giving an idea of text.

drawings with ink and water

drawings experimenting with wetting areas of the paper before drawing on it with ink. the two top images are of a drawing done on sugar paper, with the work below being on newsprint paper. it seems to create a very delicate effect also suggesting a possible landscape. i like the idea that the outcome becomes unpredictable, and a loss of control in repetitious mark making.

pattern drawing

another drawing from last week, just exploring repetitive pattern and process. done in ink on newsprint paper.

week one at ECA

I started my residency at ECA last week and am keen to get drawing and producing work so as to make the most of it all. This is one of the drawings, made using ink on newsprint paper. i am liking the way the ink bleeds slightly and ripples the paper delicately, and am also interested in the reverse side too (last image). things i've been thinking about - repetition, motion, flow, many making a whole, idea of landscape, ideas of labour and simple actions.