Thursday, 28 May 2009

this is my space for the final show at camberwell. i plan to fill it with my trace-objects suspended with wire. it's an exciting prospect but will take a lot of work! i will attempt to start next week. i will take whatever is on the mezzanine platform off, and make sure the walls etc are clean. then i will start from one side moving over to the next. i aim to fill that space first and then move out towards the beams and more into the space. that is the plan anyway...

i am trying to sort out what i will do for the camberwell arts week show "one week loan" at camberwell library in june. i want to play with placing my work in certain areas to alter people's perceptions of the content and guide the viewer quite specifically. i plan to fold the drawings on sugar paper and put them in between books on the shelves in the travel section. each "map" will have a sticker with typed text on the outside of it relating to the book it is next to. i want to do the same in a section where there are self help books perhaps. so i shall go along tomorrow and have yet another look at the place. i am quite excited about the work, but there is also so much on at the moment that it is all daunting.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

this week we had the Pagination exhibition at the Bear. we decided to just have a one night exhibition to cut down on costs and also make more of an event. carolina and i were there all day wednesday, as was keith who set up his piece in the centre of the room. we had some good feedback from people who came. all in all i think it went really well. a really valuable experience.
i experimented with placing different pieces across the room from each other. had some valuable feedback from that also, with people quite able to make connections between the two. i would have liked to have more time to expand my piece out of the corner more. but limitations with time and other commitments made that tricky. the corner piece could be more spaced out without losing the effect, so that is good to know. the ink drawings needed more space, so that more could be used - impact with numbers. but it was useful to experiment with these things and learn from it. 
next shows are one at the funky monkey here in camberwell, then camberwell library, and then...the final show. preps going for that are all on track i think...

haven't had a lot of time to upload stuff recently. but have been working hard doing ink drawings. testing them on sugar paper and newsprint paper and wanted to experiment with glueing them on to the wall with wall paper paste. i just did some random ink blobs to test it with. the texture that the ink gives the paper still holds when the tops are glued, which is good.