Friday, 19 December 2008

i traced a couple of the the typed number lines from the photocopies. i wanted to manipulate them further. i cut them and reshaped them, and then made a drawing with the new forms. i stuck the tracing paper together using masking tape, which has a very tactile quality. they became little objects in their own right. the drawings were also successful (in my opinion). I see them as possibly becoming little etchings. i may go further with this and do the whole series of them, if i have the time.

i've been doing some more work with the photocopies of the number lines. i made two versions - one using the whole piece of paper folded, and the other cutting it down to a more handleable size. these are not bound but just placed together. i'm interested more by the edges of the pieces than opening them up and looking at what's inside. it is the same information, just a small sections of it. alone, on a single sheet, it is barely noticeable but when viewed together in a bunch it creates something else. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

oh, and we had our "colour" exhibition at Wilson Rd. i think it went really well. i put these two pieces in - sorry,not great photos at all! quick concept - making time visible whilst playing with shadows.

i photocopied the drawings and will work further with this.i'm going to create a series of books - each book a will contain a separate drawing. the drawings retain their delicacy in the reproductions. i want to play with scale a little with these. oh, and we handed in our project proposals yesterday...

i finally finished my cut up number drawings.that was a journey on its own! i traced a few and had a bit of play around and want to trace the whole series and do further work with it. the delicate line is interupted by these loose folds making it impossible to follow it fully. the way the line is visible on both sides adds to this and is inviting the viewer to try and track the journey of the pencil drawing. i wonder whether slide projections could be shown on the surface? or in another way?...