Sunday, 13 March 2011

screen print...finally

I have been struggling to get a screen print done and was having problems with the screen getting blocked. But I finally got it sorted this week and got a couple of good prints done. So I will try and get some more done over the next couple of weeks. The larger image doesn't show the fine detail so well, but the close up is better for that.


Sarah said...

Your circular print is beautiful, I love it. And it's great to see how the image has developed too. Good to see you're still making lots of work after the ma.

ps do you have any of your sleeping cat lino prints for sale, it's lovely :)

Sarah Clark said...

Hi sarah,
thanks so much for your comments.
I am just trying to get around to printing more cats (though they are screen prints and not lino - does that make a difference to you??). I will let you know when I do! :)