Thursday, 22 October 2009

i finally managed to sort out a work space for myself and have started playing around with some ideas i have had for a while now. the small publisher's fair is coming around and i need to sort out some work to sell/show. i started playing with the drawings i had made for the one week loan show at camberwell library in june. i opened them all out so the creases line up. they form a really tactile, chunky pile which can't be folded as the creases suggest, which i find interesting. i like the sculptural quality that the piece gains. it really asks the viewer to play around with it, and this almost creates a number of temporary sculptures as the piece falls one way and then another. I'm also interested in the way, when opened up to view the drawings inside, that the drawings can only be partially viewed unless you lift out the pages above. I like the way this plays with the reading of, or rather the inability to fully read, the information. 

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